​​​​Elko Tactical is pleased to offer our Tactical 1 - Advanced Handgun course.  This course is designed to expand upon the knowledge and skills learned in our conceal carry class.  This course is open to all CCW holders, whether you took our class our not. If you are not a CCW holder, then you should have a solid understanding of firearms safety, and be proficient in the use of handguns.

Completion of the CCW course was your first step in learning what is involved in the art of the handgun defense. Unfortunately most people stop there. We have to be prepared morally, mentally, physically, and legally.

Our goal in any violent confrontation is to survive, by being prepared to take whatever action necessary.  The best way to survive a gunfight is to avoid being in one. However, sometimes fate doesn’t agree. In these cases, we must fight with everything we have in our arsenal; the byproduct of proper training - knowledge, skill, and tactics.  

Shooting is an acquired skill that will perish with time.  The ability to shoot takes time to acquire, through practice and serious study. This course is designed to teach you to move with balance, to develop a method for proper handling of firearms, and to develop defensive handgun marksmanship skills.  We will do this through both dry-practice and live-fire drills.  Throughout the course you will acquire a greater understanding as to why these skills are necessary.

For the entirety of this course we will be working from an open holster (not concealed.) There will be an introduction to one-handed shooting and some time spent on it. Most of the shooting for this course will be with two hands. At the end of this course you will be able explain why and/or demonstrate the use of:

1.      Firearms Safety
2.      Dry-fire Safety and Practice
3.      Accidental Discharges
4.      Modes of Readiness
5.      Marksmanship Fundamentals
6.      Proper Firearms Handling
7.      Principles of Personal Defense
8.      Introduction to Tactics
9.      Introduction to Movement
10.     Multiple Shots
11.     Multiple Assailants
12.     Range Safety and Commands
13.     Skill Builders Drills (Courses of Fire)


As a responsible citizen it is your responsibility to continue your training, and to maintain a certain level of proficiency. This is accomplished through continued training and with constant, consistent, and proper practice. It is also your responsibility to stay current with all laws pertaining to the use of deadly force.

What You Should Expect:

The course is spanned over two full days.  Saturday is spent in the classroom in Spring Creek.  We will break for lunch for 30-60 minutes, depending on how well we are progressing through the material.  We suggest the you bring drinks, snacks, and whatever else you may need to get through the class.

On Sunday we'll meet at the Elko County Gun Range.  We suggest that you are prepared for the changing Nevada weather.  Dress in layers, bring gloves to put on in between drills, and wear comfortable shoes.  We will spend a lot of time running drills and that means a lot of time on your feet.  You might want to bring a chair so that you can sit between drills.  Bring lunch as there really isn't time to get into town, pick up food, and return to the range on our lunch break.  Bring plenty of water.

What You'll Need for Class:

The price for this 2-day class is $200.

Your own handgun

A belt

A holster

A magazine holster

Ear and eye protection

500 rounds of ammunition

Minimum of 3 magazines (5 preferred)

Weather appropriate clothing/ hat / sunscreen



Other suggested items are:

Speed loader

Ammunition pouch


For more information or to sign up for the class, send an email to Kent at k6in@outlook.com.

You Have Your CCW, Now What?

Remember to always practice firearms safety.