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What People are saying about elko tactical

"A Great instructor, very informative class. He makes you feel very much at ease, and will even help you find the RIGHT gun for you. Thank you for going the extra mile."  ~ Terri

"Thank you for the fantastic class today!!"  ~ Jennifer

"Kent's vast knowledge and professionalism about CCW made the class very enjoyable. The students came away with a solid foundation to build on and advance their skills with hand guns and self defense. I would highly recommend Kent's class to anyone who is thinking about getting a CCW."  ~ Ron

"Kent is a wonderful teacher, advisor and trainer! Absolutely! Safety First and foremost! Plus it's a blast!"  ~ Deb

"A very good instructor. Patient and first, always."  ~ Linda​​

"Melinda was patient and friendly. She helped calm my nerves and was a welcome presence in the classroom and on the range." ~ Kim

Serving Elko County and the surrounding area, we are the premier provider of professional firearms training, Nevada/Utah combination CCW courses, advanced tactical training, handgun fittings & safety workshops.

We are experts in the field of firearms and our courses are designed to suit a variety of needs; from beginning safety and introductory classes, to advanced tactical field training, and competition shooting.

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* Private, group, and customized courses available

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Mission: Provide safe, effective firearms education

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